Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I'm a virgin for the second time this month!

A fellow author friend of mine, Stella Price, designed a t-shirt and hoodie for me, and I've put it up on Teespring!

You have 14 days to order a I Love Kinky Mythology with Hephaestus, Castor and Pollux, The Cyclopes, Marsyas and Zeus listed along the top and they'll arrive just in time for Fall!

I'm so excited about doing this ... have wanted to and finally did it!

There may be no stopping me from doing another or three :-)

Monday, September 15, 2014

Men of Calder County with Jack by Tilly Greene is HERE!

Men of Calder County
Untamed. Unleashed. Unforgettable.

13 titillating tales of love as hot as a Texas summer. Novellas about love and lust, loss and discovery with adventure, action, danger and heart-touching romance that are unforgettable.

Jack by Tilly Greene
contemporary western erotic romance
Rina Toborov shares a hot night in the front seat of a truck with the school stud. The downside soon arrived when she was relegated to one-night stand status. Not at all happy with the outcome, she moved on until seven years later she returned to Cowler. Suddenly she’s faced with temptation he presents all over again and doesn’t know what to do.
Jack Murphy knows he’d made a mistake years ago when he pushed aside the cute busty brunette with sexy hazel eyes. Now she’s back in town and his need for her is back with a vengeance. There are some hills to climb, people to fight, but she’s worth whatever must be done. This time he’s not only trying to get in her pants. The ultimate goal is to make her his girlfriend, maybe more.
Time makes everything better, right?

The set was released today, September 15, and I'm at the Release Party giving goodies away from 11-12:00pm est ... see you there! [here:]

Order Set of 13 from:


Sunday, September 14, 2014


We're going to the fancy footwork of a Highland Jig type of contest ... okay, not really, but it is going to be fast, fast, FAST!

On September 18th the people of Scotland go to the voting booth to decide on Independence.  The choices are Yes, they want to leave United Kingdom or No, they want everything to stay the same. Tough question to answer.

In December 2008, almost 6 years ago, my book Highland Heat was released by Ellora's Cave, and has been a fan favorite ever since.  How can I make such a claim?  After all these years readers maintain Hamish Buchanan's secret.  There's been a spoiler here and there but generally they are ignored.  I adore the sexy Highlander and his unique qualities. To me, one of the best things is when a reader sends me something special w/his likeness or a hint about him on them ... love!

Now, I have no idea how Hamish would vote, it's personal, but I do have a Tilly Greene tote bag with goodies from my Christmas visit to Scotland and something I bought from a favored shop that reminded me of the book.  Here's a little hint ... he can't stop grinning because of what he's sitting on :-)

All you need to do is enter through the Rafflecopter, below ... done, easy peasy pudding pie.  There are three ways to add extra oomph as well.  A winner will be picked once I wake up on the 18th!

So, go, enter, you have until midnight on the 17th!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

All Romance Hottest Hero Contest is ON!

Jon Black is in Bracket 16, the last one, and you can vote for him, by the end of September 7th!  If he wins, he moves on to the next bracket and will be walking around with a proud strut.

You might also win a $25 ARe gift certificate for voting ... so cool!

So, go, vote, but you can only vote once in each bracket so choose wisely.

For another hint:

Jon Black from Jon Black's Woman, a contemporary mc western + bondage, tattoo and toys, is the 4th book in the Branded series.  Jon has been struck silent by Molly but she is everything he wants ... how does he find his voice to gain it all, all the joy and pleasure a man could want?

Make sure and click his link, swear, his quote is a favorite of mine :-)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Men of Calder County boxed set is OUT!

13 hot untamed, unleashed, unforgettable cowboy hunks looking for love are found in Men of Calder County which includes my story "Jack" is available for preorder right now through Amazon!

US -

CA -

UK -

AU -

If you pre-order the boxed set and send in your Amazon sales receipt code, you'll go into a drawing for extra special prizes at the September 15th Release Party like a new Amazon Kindle, Kindle Fire TV, ebooks, gift certificates from Amazon and more!
If you want to be entered into the grand prize drawing send your sales receipt number to

Join us at on Monday the 15th at 10:00am for the party!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

POST-AAD Charlotte Contest!

Here you go, as promised: goodies I brought back from AAD Charlotte!

There are two large USPS boxes stuffed to the brim with goodies.  One has the Welcome Bag and the other a bag from The Bookies [lots of free eBooks on offer in that one] along with a bag from the Charity and Chasity tables at the Sins & Virtue event as hosted by fab writers Brandy Walker and Jenn LeBlanc.

So, here's how you win ... leave a comment below!  Yup, that easy!  I am not a difficult woman.  Obviously I like to keep things uncomplicated.  Leave a comment below with an email addy for me to contact you and you're entered.  I'll draw two names next Tuesday, August 19th, and mail the boxes on Wednesday so you get the fun before or during the weekend.

I'm not entirely sure what's in the bags, I picked them up and now I'm sharing ... what a great adventure you're going to have!

Now get commenting!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Melissa Schroeder's 10th Anniversary Celebration Blog Hop

Way WAY back when my first book was published, it was at a publisher ... Whiskey Creek Press Torrid ... where Melissa's A Little Harmless Sex was number 1.  It was an honor to eventually take her place with Come Sweet Creature.  Between the two of us I think we owned the number one spot with the publisher for almost a year!

Now this was all online, when I finally met her in person, well, I was thrilled she was as spectacular in person as she was online.  That isn't always the case but Mel is as honest as they come.

At the start of the July I received all the right to my previous titles back from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid. They were sold and the new company kindly kept the contract I signed for Come Back ... which is out NOW!  The best news is the fabulous price ... $3.99 for a novel, sweet!

Come Back by Tilly Greene
Shape Shifter Erotic Romance

Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Cassie Johnston needs to move on from a bad break-up.  To start, she gets a new hairstyle and leaves the hospital scrubs behind for a research lab coat.   Exhausted and yet excited about the new challenges, she’s unprepared to handle it when her heartbreaker walks back in to her life.

Mikhail Ivanovich tried to do the right thing for the woman he loves, but he’s haunted by her absence.  Burying himself in work hasn’t helped and eventually he accepts life is too short not to spend it with the woman he loves.

A heat wave blankets New York City and the two finally sit down to talk about what happened between them.  Will they reunite or are there too many insurmountable problems standing in their way?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, June 02, 2014

Bad Boys Make Benefits Better

Or do they make better benefits?

Either way we have bad boys and a benefit ... life doesn't get much better than this!

Ciana Stone (also known as the fabulous cover artist Syneca Featherstone, Syn) has organized a giving opportunity to help Health Guidance.  Let Ciana explain from her website:

Health Guidance is caring for patients and their families. People who are challenged by difficult diagnoses. Individuals who need help finding diagnostic tools, the care of exceptional physicians, and the very best medical treatments.
Health Guidance strengthens patients and their families by supporting them every step of the way.
We believe in the dream of wellness.
Please be a link in our chain and help us to help those who are giving so much to people in times of health crisis.  Buy a copy of the book today or gift a friend.

Renegades by Ciana Stone
Perfect!  Got it!  So, on the 1st of June I randomly chose 5 people and sent them Renegades by Ciana Stone, out of the blue, no warning, just bam a notice the ebook was waiting for them at Amazon arrived in their inboxes.  I'm telling you I felt like Santa Clause without the heavy sack!  It was a wonderful experience and the proceeds go to Health Guidance ... sweet.
There are other ways you can help.  Authors, there are 19 covers up for auction from some of the best cover artists around.  Go bid!  Everyone, you can also win a Kindle Fire HD by putting up a Reader Review on Amazon ... get reading and reviewing!
That's three ways to give and the fourth give a bit back!  Friday June 6th on Facebook is an all day event with authors giving stuff away.  How do I know this?  I'll be there from noon for a half hour, that's it, so show up with your party shoes on and be prepared to win.  I'm giving away a copy of Renegades by Ciana Stone, a $10 Amazon gift card and an ebook from my backlist ... all that in half an hour, challenge accepted!
Great way to kick off your Summer :-)

Monday, May 12, 2014

A Flick to SEE!

BELLE is a true story of an illegitimate mixed rage daughter who is unusually raised by the father's upper crust family while he continues on as an Admiral for England. The unique twist to this tale is the father's uncle who's house she resides as a mostly free woman is simultaneously ruling on cases that challenge the slave trade.

There is going to be nothing comfortable or easy about this film, but it will be beautiful and the difficult subject matter will not swept under the carpet. It shall be refreshing to watch something attack the ugly side of society.

For me, the interesting bit of this film is that it was inspired by a painting.

Dido Elizabeth Belle attributed to Johann Zoffany

I can't wait to see this film and yes, I'll most definitely cry, but I also know how her life ends ... go seek it out  :-)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

BRANDED is #1 at All Romance!

I was looking to see how far Branded had slipped over night and found it hadn't, the kinky cowboys from Montana had jumped two places to rest at #1!  I'm thrilled the boys are getting their time in the light ... they are rather spectacular :-)

Cover Artist is Robin Ludwig Design LLC
BRANDED by Tilly Greene
contemporary western mc erotic romance + bdsm, ménage a trois, tattoo, piercing, toys and lots more toys!

AMAZON - / print come w/free copy of the ebook!
BN - / print

Montana is Sizzling!

There are four cowboys who work hard and play even harder. They like their sex to be fun, dirty hot and gratifying. Whether the passion happens in a barn, shack, field or bedroom, with their partners bound and played with or taken vanilla style, everyone leaves satisfied.

Love isn’t something they’ve thought about until they meet the women who make their hearts beat faster. They know they want to be loved by their ladies as they tie them up, play and pleasure them, but they also believe there is much more they don’t know and are willing to learn.

Matt and Ted Wilson, Jon Black and Courtland Dickerson are best friends, have been since childhood. Finally, these cowboys have found love and are enjoying kinky sex behind white picket fences they always wanted. They couldn’t be happier, but are they ready to full commit to one woman?

Branded series includes:
Ride ‘em [with Ellora’s Cave for $0.99 and not in book]
Konnichiwa Cowboys
Giddy Up
Jon Black’s Woman
A Kinky Ride [only in this ebook/print]

Thursday, April 10, 2014

It's Authors After Dark!

Authors After Dark is coming QUICKLY and OMG this year is
going to be INSANE!

As always AAD is about the readers, and the amount of awesome we have put together for you this year, you would be INSANE not to attend….

First, our amazing Master of Ceremonies is none other than Alexandra Ivy! She will be doing a cool little event to celebrate your favorite gargoyle, Levet on Friday! Wanna know more? Check out the FB group where Alex will be talking about the awesome that she has going on!

Torquere and authors BA Tortuga and Julia Talbot will be Sponsoring our Welcome event, the Midnight Rodeo… And it looks like We will have some VERY COOL goodies and… Riding… happening… *SNICKER*

How about Parties? This year we have a special event called the Leather and Lace Ball! Curious? We thought so! Take a ride on the wild side and let your inhibitions fly with five New York Times Bestselling Authors of erotic romance. Cuffs and corsets encouraged.

J. Kenner, Liliana Hart, Carly Phillips, Janelle
Denison, Jasinda Wilder and
Lorelei James

The ladies will be talking more about this on the FB group starting soon!

New for 2014 is the Paranormal Party!

Join over 20 Paranormal authors who will be giving away goodies, some books and
hanging out with you to snack and chat! Wanna know what authors are involved?
You will have to join the FB group to see!

And of course, we have the amazing Masquerade Ball! This year it’s the SINS AND VIRTUES BALL! Are you a sin or a virtue? Join us for a wild costumed event! Prizes for the best costumes,
including a 200$ gift certificate to Lori Ann Costumes!

Your Sins and Virtues Sponsors:
Sin Lust
Boone Brux
Opal Carew

Sin Pride
BA Tortuga
Andrew Grey

Sin Envy
Stella Price
TJ Michaels

Sin Gluttony
Desiree Holt
Saranna DeWylde

Sin Greed
Ann Mayburn
Heather Long

Sin Sloth
Lizzie T. Leaf
Julie Morgan

Sin Wrath
Stacey Kennedy
Marianne Morea

Virtue Charity
Kerry Adrienne
Trista Ann Michaels 

Virtue Chastity
Jenn LeBlanc
Annabel Jospeh

Virtue Humility
Milly Taiden
Donna McDonald

Virtue Kindness
CJ Ellisson
Alexandra Ivy

Virtue Temprance
J. Kenner
Sidney Bristol

Virtue Diligence
Denise Grover Swank
Jenna McCormick

Virtue Patience
Lousia Bacio
Kallypso Masters

And if THAT isn’t enough awesome that will be going on… This year we have an amazing off site costumed event… the Ladies on the Green event sponsored by the AAD Anachronistic Society! This will be an hour and a Half on the famous GREEN in Charlotte (a half block from the hotel). It will be a Costumed event (though Costumes are not required they are encouraged!) to celebrate Gothic, Victorian, steampunk dark historical literature! Your hosts will be: Sahara Kelly, Amanda McIntyre, Leanna Renee Hieber, A.L. Davroe and S.A. Price. Prizes and readings will happen, as well as photo ops!

And NEVER forget the Amazing Open bar with Mel Schroeder and friends! They have SO MUCH awesome set up for you just before the Bookies… you do NOT wanna miss that!

Getting excited yet? How about some info on the AWESOME mini events we have going on? Ready?

On Wed. Night,  Join Sasha White and Joey W. Hill for a wild party and Q&A, Also, the Blind Date Book Party will be open to start your con right! (If you have never done a BDBP, you are MISSING out! You need to attend, Get your blind date book, find the author that wrote it, and hang out with them!)

Thursday?  Panels up the wazoo, and the Bookie Awards----- goodies and books to be given out! The hangout with The GNO girls lead by CJ Ellisson and Boone Brux for some crazy
fun! And if that wasn’t enough?  Readings and a Blogger Sleepover party as well!

Friday? More panels, a games carnival with Nina Gooden and Pals, Name that Author with Cat Johnson, and some other fun surprises!

Saturday? A few panels, the Big ass booksigning with 100 authors,  the Cowboy Stampede party, the Readers Mad Tea Party with Hildie McQueen, An after the bookies event with a special publisher sponsor, And Jess Michaels’ Birthday extravaganza!

SEE? SO MUCH AWESOME! All the authors that are involved with parties will be talking about their involvement on the FB group, so join up and get ready to rock.

Oh? You say you’re not registered for AAD yet? You need to be! All registrants get put in the hat for the welcome party prizes, and these prizes are AMAZING! Breakfast with authors, Booze and Books, side trips to Carrowwinds…. We have a minimum of 90 special prizes…. So…

You need to rock this con! And as if this wasn’t enough….
AAD will be giving away something really awesome to registrants…. Wanna know what?

How about 5 VIP registrations for THE NOVEL EXPERIENCE 2015


How about this… If we hit 100 more registrations from TODAY
April 10th to June 10th, we will give away 2 AAD
registrations for 2015…  2!!!!! So get
registered, get your room and get ready for one
HELL of an amazing year with us!


Monday, March 10, 2014

Jon Black's Woman is OUT!

Jon Black's Woman by Tilly Greene
Contemporary MC Western Erotic Romance + Bondage, Tattoo and Toys
Book 4 in Branded series

All Romance
BN - coming soon

Jon Black was part Native American, but that didn’t define him. Being a retired Marine and cowboy who managed his friend’s ranch didn’t either, but they all had a part in making him into a man. Tall, strong and handsome, he was the dream catch for single women and some married ones across a few counties. The dominance he displayed in the bedroom was exciting, hot and pulled even more ladies into his bed, but only one woman struck him silent and ripped his need to the surface—Molly.

An English rose by way of Japan comes to Montana and is everything he wants in his life.
Has he finally met his match, his mate for life or is she too much for him to handle?
Branded series
Ride 'em - Ellora's Cave|ARe|Amazon|BN
Konnichiwa Cowboy - ARe|Amazon|BN|iBooks|Smashwords
Giddy Up - ARe|Amazon|BN|iBooks|Smashwords
Jon Black's Woman - ARe|Amazon|BN|iBooks|Smashwords